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Our Product

Got It Covered Boutique offers custom made Drink Covers that are unique with various color and beading options. These Drink Covers come with a matching organza bag and is a must have for all occasions.
    • GREAT for indoor and outdoor events (weddings, family reunions, beach/pool parties, park events, concerts, sporting events, tailgating, cruises, parties, and much more)
    • Works well for all beverages (soda, tea, cocktails, wine, etc.)
    • Water proof
    • Easy to clean
    • Reusable
    • Easy to transport (small enough to fit in your pocket)
    • Nice accessory to match your outfit, wedding theme, family reunion theme, sports theme, etc. 
    • Distinguishes your drink from anyone else's drink. Eliminates red cup confusion!
    • Excellent gift idea.
    • Whatever the event ----- We Got It Covered!