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About Us

Originally our team’s focus for developing unique, custom made Drink Covers was the “Sophisticated” look. This Drink Cover was intended as an accessory to fashion similar to wearing earrings or hats and scarfs. The added beading and bling just intensified the “look”. So basically it was initially intended for adult women of all ages, until we expanded our thinking. Still keeping the “Sophisticated “ look in mind, we asked ourselves, “What about Safety”? With every age a concern, our unique Drink Covers protect against gnats, flies, pollen, airborne germs and viruses. In addition to multiple “red cup” parties, picnics and functions our unique Drink Covers help identify your individual drink.

Most importantly, with our young adults in mind, the risk of someone “slipping” a date rape drug in a drink is drastically reduced while using one of our Drink Covers while out on the town.

Our team prides ourselves with the best production of our custom made unique Drink Covers. The construction and material is of the best quality we could find and yet affordable to our customer.
No matter the occasion or just as an accessory remember We Got You Covered!!!



We got you covered!!!